Plant documentation now digital

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Plant documentation now digital

As part of the corporate project "Finkernagel Digital", Finkernagel is currently working on forward-looking topics in eight different initiatives. The goal of the project is to further advance digitalization within the company.

The next initiative, "Digital Maintenance", has now been completed. We spoke with Timon Menzel, the head of the initiative.

Mr. Menzel, what was the goal of the initiative?

Timon Menzel: To digitize and structure the documentation of the individual plants. In this way, search times can be reduced and transparency created for employees.

Was it possible to achieve this goal?

Timon Menzel: Yes, the goal was achieved. The documents of the wire drawing, pickling and annealing lines were digitized, together more than 65 folders.

Were there any particular challenges?

Timon Menzel: One challenge was to find a suitable partner who had the necessary hardware and software to realize the project according to our ideas in a reasonable time.

What was the most fun part?

Timon Menzel: Realizing how much time it took to go through the documents in non-digital form and how much time we can save now.