Successful initiative for digitization

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Successful initiative for digitization

As part of the corporate project "Finkernagel Digital", eight different projects at Finkernagel are working on forward-looking topics. The aim is to further advance digitalization within the company.

Now the first project "Collaboration" could be completed successfully. We spoke to Alina Schuppener, the head of the project.

Ms. Schuppener, could you briefly describe your project? What was the task and what did you do with it?

Alina Schuppener: My initiative is about collaboration with "interface departments," and the pilot project is about IT. The aim here was to find a solution for better and more transparent communication in the form of software for process and project tracking. I tested various systems and finally found a tool that suited us. We have now introduced this throughout the company in the form of the "IT Helpdesk".

Were there any particular challenges?

Alina Schuppener: It was difficult to reconcile the many requirements for the system with what was feasible. The various providers have very complex software in their range and it was initially a challenge to work out the right solution among them.

What was the most fun?

Alina Schuppener: I particularly enjoyed programming and testing the various systems. You could often operate them quite intuitively and try out a wide variety of functions.

Do you have any tips for implementing this kind of software?

Alina Schuppener: I can recommend everyone to work really closely with the departments concerned. You should also have the courage to test the systems directly, as this is the quickest way to gain the necessary insights.