Company key figures now available in real time

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Company key figures now available in real time

As part of the corporate project "Finkernagel Digital", Finkernagel is currently working on forward-looking topics in various initiatives. The goal of the project is to further advance digitization within the company.

Now the next initiative "Key Figures" could be completed. We spoke with Björn Schwedhelm, the head of the initiative.

Mr. Schwedhelm, what was the goal of your initiative?

Björn Schwedhelm: The goal was to significantly reduce the manual data entry effort and to collect the data from various departments and systems in one place, as automatically as possible, link them together and prepare them in an appealing way.

Was it possible to achieve this goal?

Björn Schwedhelm: We now have a large number of automatically generated analyses in our data warehouse, so our goal has been achieved. We also have a very good basis for future further developments.

In your opinion, which key figures should be recorded in every company?

Björn Schwedhelm: In my view, particular attention should be paid to the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes. Key figures on quality, productivity, malfunctions and circulating stocks are particularly worth highlighting, and sensor data from machines can also provide very good insights.

Do you have any tips for presenting key figures in a particularly appealing way? What has proven to be helpful?

Björn Schwedhelm: The key figures should be tailored to the requirements of the users in their daily work. Summarizing the most relevant key figures in a clear and compact way, putting them in relation to target values and presenting them graphically has proven to be a successful method so far.