Measurement results are now processed digitally

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Measurement results are now processed digitally

As part of the corporate project "Finkernagel Digital", Finkernagel is working on forward-looking topics in various initiatives. The aim of the project is to further advance digitalization within the company.

Now the next initiative "Digital Data Exchange" could be completed. We spoke to Jan Kemper, the head of the initiative.

Mr. Kemper, what was the goal of the initiative?

Jan Kemper: The initiative was about digitally processing measurement results and accompanying information from internal measuring machines and from suppliers. The primary aim was to avoid incorrect entries and, of course, to save time.

Was it possible to achieve this goal?

Jan Kemper: Yes, we now have suitable interfaces to transfer the internal and external inspection data directly into our CAQ system.

This means that all errors are now avoided that could otherwise have resulted from manual transfer?

Jan Kemper: Yes, it is surprising how often corrections actually had to be made before the interfaces were introduced.

Is there anything that has particularly contributed to the success of the initiative?

Jan Kemper: The good cooperation with our suppliers and our CAQ provider, who took care of programming the data interfaces.

How much time do you save every day because everything is now digital?

Jan Kemper: Depending on the order throughput, 1-2 hours can be saved daily by introducing these interfaces.