Energy savings thanks to monitoring

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Energy savings thanks to monitoring

As part of the "Finkernagel Digital" corporate project, Finkernagel is working on various initiatives on forward-looking topics. The aim of the project is to further advance digitalisation within the company.

The next initiative, "Digital Energy Management", has now been finalised. We spoke to Timon Menzel, the head of the initiative.

Timon, what exactly was your initiative about?

Timon Menzel: To determine what consumption we have at which points in the company and then to present this transparently for everyone. We actually managed to do this at all the planned locations.

What was the biggest challenge during the project?

Timon Menzel: The biggest challenge was coordinating all the disciplines involved and working out solutions together. Colleagues from IT, maintenance, but also electricians, plumbers and door builders were involved.

What are you planning for the future to save even more energy?

Timon Menzel: We are constantly checking our buildings to identify potential savings in terms of thermal energy losses.

Older generation machines are brought up to the latest state of the art through retrofitting* in order to save energy in other areas.

Do you have any tips for companies that are still at the very beginning of their endeavours?

Timon Menzel: In contrast to traditional projects, the "energy saving" project can never be finalised in my opinion. Technology and the associated possibilities are constantly evolving, so you will always come across new potential savings. You should be aware of this.

* Retrofitting is when older machines or existing systems are converted or retrofitted. This brings them up to the latest state of the art. A retrofit can therefore be an alternative to a new purchase.