wire 2024: New potential through growth markets

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wire 2024: New potential through growth markets

"wire", the world's leading trade fair for the wire industry, took place in Düsseldorf from 15 to 19 April 2024. Of course, our team was also represented with its own stand. The management team, consisting of Fritz Uwe Finkernagel (right) and Timo Finkernagel (left), tells us about the highlights.

One week of the trade fair is over. How was the atmosphere?

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: Far better than expected. In the run-up to the trade fair, we sensed a certain degree of uncertainty in the market, particularly due to many global issues. We are therefore very pleased that we were able to welcome more than 80% of our regular customers to our stand.

Timo Finkernagel: We also made some exciting new contacts and were able to book several trial orders directly. That is of course particularly pleasing.

What has changed compared to previous years?

Timo Finkernagel: In my estimation, there were a particularly large number of trade visitors this year. I had many interesting, in-depth technical discussions. There were also representatives from industries with which Finkernagel had previously only had limited contact, such as the furniture industry. We are particularly happy to take on the challenge of supplying industries that are still relatively unknown to us.

Which topics were of particular interest to visitors?

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: We have noticed that a rethink towards sustainability is taking place everywhere. Our offer of colour marking the wire was increasingly in demand. By marking the conspicuous areas in the wire with colour during the wire drawing process, we can produce with very little waste. Scrapping just a small piece of wire instead of an entire spool is of course much more resource-efficient.

Timo Finkernagel: In the EU, newly registered vehicles will no longer be allowed to emit CO2 from 2035. As many of our customers are suppliers to the automotive industry, they are adapting directly to this and are increasingly producing parts for electric cars. The wire and tools that we produce are therefore not only used in vehicles with combustion engines, but also in electric cars.

What new trends or insights have been gained?

Timo Finkernagel: We have held several discussions with companies that are active in the field of charging points, where screws with Finkernagel wire are also used. The aim is to have one million public charging points for e-mobility available in Germany by 2030. We currently have around 100,000 charging points, so this is a very exciting growth market for us.

The next world's leading trade fair is in two years' time. Will Finkernagel be there again?

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: Of course we will also be at our regular booth in Hall 12 in 2026. This wire was our 15th trade fair appearance in a row. And there are actually some familiar faces who have been there every time.

Finally, any tips for companies planning their first booth at the next trade fair?

Timo Finkernagel: Get professional support for the service. This year we have two experienced trade fair hostesses who will take care of everything so that we can concentrate on the technical discussions.

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: We do a detailed "manoeuvre critique" after every trade fair to record what we want to improve at the next event. We write down something new on this list every year. That's how we came up with our own "must-have" dusting machine, which is regularly borrowed by some of our booth neighbours.