All personnel data from now on in digital form

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All personnel data from now on in digital form

As part of the "Finkernagel Digital" corporate project, Finkernagel is currently working on forward-looking topics in eight different initiatives. The goal of the project is to further advance digitalization within the company.

Now another initiative could be finished. We spoke to Birgit von Loh, head of the "Digital Human Resources Management" initiative.

Ms. von Loh, please describe your initiative briefly. What was the task and what did you do with it?

Birgit von Loh: Very specifically, it was about introducing the digital personnel file. Digitizing personnel files that were previously kept in paper form saves printing and paper costs, eliminates the need for paper storage, and makes them much easier to use for everyone involved, thanks to keyword and full-text searches, automated logging and deletion functions, and the option of accessing them at any time, for example.

That means you now have much more space in the filing cabinets?

Birgit von Loh: Yes, I actually only have 12 folders left of the 60 I used to have.

Do employees without their own smartphones also have the option of accessing their digital personnel files?

Birgit von Loh: Of course, all employees have this option. We have set up a workstation that cannot be viewed from the outside, where the digital personnel file can be viewed with personal access data and documents can be printed out.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to data protection in a project like this?

Birgit von Loh: The digital personnel file must be legally secure and audit-proof and comply with the current standard of the DSGVO (German Data Protection Regulation) and the GoBS (Principles of Proper Computerized Accounting Systems). Our data protection officer checked these requirements in detail before the system was set up and approved it.