"Huge joy and great relief"

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"Huge joy and great relief"

From June 20 to 24, 2022, the "wire", the world's leading trade fair for the wire industry, took place in Düsseldorf. Finkernagel was represented with its own booth. Fritz Uwe Finkernagel, Managing Director (left in the picture) and Timo Finkernagel, Head of Forming Tools/Procurement (right in the picture) tell us in an interview how the week went and what was particularly exciting.

Five days of the trade show are behind Finkernagel. What is the conclusion?

Timo Finkernagel: This year's trade show was an absolute surprise package and we had a hard time estimating what to expect beforehand. We were therefore all the more pleased that the technical and commercial contact persons of almost all our regular customers were at our stand.

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: After the "wire" got off to a very quiet start on Monday, we were very pleased that things really got going from the afternoon onwards and that we had many visitors at our stand throughout.

Due to the pandemic, the trade show in 2020 was cancelled. How was it to exhibit at "wire" again after more than four years?

Timo Finkernagel: It was a great relief and a huge pleasure for everyone that we were able to exhibit again.

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: All the visitors were delighted to be able to talk to each other again after a break of four years.

What was different from previous years?

Timo Finkernagel: The companies sent only a few representatives to the trade show because of the risk of infection. That was a great pity, of course. Otherwise, we are always particularly pleased to see or meet the employees who work directly with our products.

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: It was precisely with these employees that we had very interesting discussions in previous years, because they process our wire with their own hands and can give us direct feedback.

How was the new booth design received?

Fritz Uwe Finkernagel: We received a lot of positive feedback from visitors. The open stand concept was particularly well received.

Timo Finkernagel: From everything I heard, it was the best trade show booth since 1994 from a visual and functional point of view.

Is there a personal trade show highlight for you?

Both: Our great visitors.

And make a note of it: The wire 2024 will take place from April 15 - 19, 2024.